A Contranella Tunebook

Contranella plays a variety of traditional and contemporary tunes including more than a few of their own. Here are some of John and Meg's own tunes.

Charley Wicker Waltz Waltz abc midi
John & Megan Bears In The Garden Reel abc midi mp3 (Contranella)
John D Tune Reel abc midi
John Deeper Secrets Jig abc midi mp3 (Contranella, w/Coral's Caper)
John Del Fie Reel abc midi
John Down Town Reel abc midi
John Dryden Lake Reel abc midi
John John's March March abc midi
John Late For Whatever Reel abc midi
John May Day Reel abc midi
John New Year Reel abc midi mp3 (Contranella)
John One More Time Reel abc midi
John Walking Home Reel abc midi
Louise & Megan Turtle on Vacation Reel abc midi
Megan & Charley Somosa Reel abc midi
Megan Apple Peel Reel Reel abc midi
Megan Aquarius Reel abc midi
Megan Beth's Pasta Salad Reel abc midi
Megan Bird's Gypsy Jig abc midi mp3 (Contranella, w/Bird's Refrain)
Megan Bird's Refrain Jig abc midi mp3 (Contranella, w/Bird's Gypsy)
Megan Charley's Hat Jig abc midi
Megan Coral's Caper Jig abc midi mp3 (Contranella, w/Deeper Secrets)
Megan Hobbit Stomp Reel abc midi
Megan Killooleet Waltz Waltz abc midi
Megan Long Weekend Jig abc midi
Megan Naftali's Favorite Reel abc midi mp3 (Contranella)
Megan Rachel Learns to Love Contra Reel abc midi
Megan Road Trip Reel abc midi mp3 (Turtle United)
Megan Squirrel's Delight Reel abc midi
Megan Sticks and Stones Reel abc midi
Megan Thomas Jefferson On The Front Lawn Jig abc midi
Megan To Market March abc midi
Megan Witch's Ramble Reel abc midi
Megan, Charley, Dan, Louise Narrow Bridge Jig abc midi

"abc" links are the tunes
in ABC Music Notation

Killooleet Waltz is also known as Seth and Bethany's Waltz but contrary to rumor, has never been known as Beth and Sethany's Waltz.